Privacy Policy is devoted to taking care of your personal data that you share with us. We aim to provide indispensable protection of your data from all online threats.

The Privacy Policy at our site carries the limitations of sharable and non-sharable data of users. If you have any doubt related to our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us.

Data Sharing Safety

Our users have all the freedom to communicate with us by providing their personal contact info like an email address. Their personal data is collected by us for the sake of their identity and to differentiate them from others. The collected data is not shared with any third party. If it is shared with anyone, it is on the basis of mutual consent. 

We use cookies to collect online data to understand user's behavior. You have the freedom to accept or reject our cookies. When you disabled our cookies, our site may not work well as it works when cookies are enabled.

Why Your Personal Data is important to Us?

  • We don't sell your personal data. We use high-quality software to keep your data intact. The personal data of our users is valuable to us.
  • Your personal data helps us to differentiate among users
  • It helps to keep the record of users visiting our site
  • We can keep you informed about our important updates by sending newsletters
  • It helps to monitor users' behavior
  • Online Fraud and Counterfeits
  • Any only fraud is not tolerated at our site.
  • You will have to provide the right information to us.

Modifying the Policy

No one has the right to make any modification in our privacy policy. We can change the policy at any time.

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